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Warehousing & Fulfillment

Entrust our experienced logistics professionals with the comprehensive management of your product storage, order picking, and distribution packaging. Our state-of-the-art warehousing and fulfillment center is fully equipped to accommodate both small and large order volumes, ensuring safe, punctual deliveries in accordance with your precise customer requirements.

Benefit from our secure and efficiently organized product storage solutions, seamless e-commerce order capture with automatic inventory updates, and precise order picking facilitated by our advanced warehouse management system (WMS). Our packing and shipment preparation services are tailored to meet a variety of specifications, including shrink-wrap, compliance with CHEP pallet size and weight limitations, and customized documentation.

Choose from a range of dispatch options, whether it's through our trusted courier partners, comprehensive tracking services, or convenient customer pick-up, all backed by our commitment to guaranteed on-time delivery.



Ambient and Climate-Controlled Storage

Advanced Online Inventory Management System

Cross-Docking and Distribution Services

Product Assembly & Kitting

Packaging & Repackaging for secure transport

Efficient Order Fulfillment Services

Inventory Updates & Cycle Counts

24/7 Security Surveillance

Clean, Protected, & Cutting-Edge Facility

Our warehouse facility enjoys a strategic location in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), with close proximity to Pearson International Airport, major 400-series highways, as well as ship and rail container depots in Toronto and Mississauga. This exceptionally accessible site minimizes transit time for your incoming containers to reach our warehouse promptly. As a result, we can swiftly organize and store your products, ensuring rapid fulfillment and dispatch preparations.

Advanced Logistics Expertise

Our proficiency in logistics draws strength from a blend of industry acumen, training, and state-of-the-art technology. We continuously adapt our third-party logistics solutions to align with the evolving requirements of our clients, enabling us to remain at the forefront of industry benchmarks in comprehensive warehousing and order fulfillment services.

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